Raleigh startup, Pendo, doubling workforce

RALEIGH, N.C. — Pendo is filling 16 job openings that will more than double its Raleigh workforce. The two-year-old startup hopes to add about 40 additional positions next year, and is looking for space in downtown Raleigh to hold up to 100 people. Pendo, a data-driven platform to help companies deliver great products, recently raised $11 million in Series A financing.

The Pendo platform delivers detailed and valuable insights into customers’ product usage to help product management teams improve onboarding and product engagement, as well as retain customers over time. Pendo provides product management teams with a powerful platform to better understand and improve product usage.

Without requiring any engineering resources, product teams using Pendo can access all of their customers’ behavior in their products and dynamically insert interactive messages to improve adoption. This unique combination of capabilities enables companies to create a personalized experience for all users.

The new financing will enable Pendo to continue accelerating growth through additional sales and marketing activity, and increase client acquisition. Since January 2014, it has experienced more than 30 percent user growth every month and is now tracking over one billion user actions per month.

Source: Triangle Business Journal

Source: Pendo press release

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