North Carolina-based SZL.IT launches TANJO.AI technology platform

RALEIGH, N.C. — SZL.IT, a company that last year raised a multi-million dollar investment from North Carolina-based Drake Enterprises, released its newest application to help individuals and teams of people manage knowledge and augment their intelligence.

“The dream of computing, since the 60s when Douglas Englebart and Alan Kay envisioned it, has been what Engelbart called ‘augmentation of collective intelligence,’” said Richard Boyd, SZL.IT CEO and co-founder. “For a long time, personal computing forgot about this dream. Connectedness and balance between machines and automation like will finally fulfill that dream.”

The service is free and available at The system uses a neural net artificial intelligence engine to reach, find and deliver only content that it learns is of interest to SZL users.

“It is like having an army of robot minions at your service just getting you stuff you want”, said Los Angeles-based musician Stuart Bullard.

“When we learned about what the SZL.IT team was doing here in North Carolina we wanted to get involved,” said Josh Drake, vice president of Drake Enterprises. “Drake Software has enjoyed tremendous success as a software company here in North Carolina, and we want to encourage more innovation and success in the state.” is an automated, personalized web content discovery engine driven by a human-powered neural net. This is accomplished with complex proprietary artificial intelligence and neural network algorithms that perpetually deliver and improve user-relevant content.

The engine sources, analyzes, and matches content to specific users, constantly tracking end-user engagement and improving these recommendations. This is especially relevant given the current information overload on the web (90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years).

With all this amassed data, it is becoming more and more fundamentally challenging for users to access content that is most relevant to them. SZL.IT Inc. is based in Durham, North Carolina, at the renowned startup hub The American Tobacco Campus.

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